Michel Zanoboli will bring the best in you with “Mick’s Tune”

Michel Zanoboli will bring the best in you with “Mick’s Tune”

Michel Zanoboli the great pianist multi-instrumentalist has a new precious gift for the jazz world. Michel presents to us the album “Mick’s Tune“. “Mick’s Tune” is a refreshing album with 13 tracks, all of them original on their own way,especially the title track. The album is now finished, and will be published during this week. We were very eager to hear what inspired Mr. Zanoboli to bring this album to life.13900911_10154320785744303_2019481436_n

My album is finished. I’m just waiting for input from who is working for me about promotions when it will be the right moment to publish it. I love all music styles. In fact Jazz is not the only one I like to play. And I wanted to make a CD that gathered all aspect of my musical world. This CD gathers jazz, smoothjazz, latin and funk songs.

One is for sure, this album will make you move with the rhythm. Every song will take your mind on a journey is a different part of the world. But Michel wasn’t alone in the making of this album, he had his beloved wife to keep him company.

Besides my wife Patrizia Ferranti no one else in involved in the album. She is a singer on two songs: “We Two” and “Dreamland”. I play all the instruments in my songs and also perform as lead vocalist and background vocals.

Also Michel is very grateful for the help of his good friend Keith V Gilchrist, for his share of this project, and all of the other people that believe in him and his music.

Michel Zanoboli has his own opinion about the jazz scene today, and how hard is for a jazz artist to impose, and 13933027_10154320785739303_1526096577_npresent his talent to the crowd.

It’s very difficult for new artists to impose themselves. I think it depends on the market that tends to confide on artists already famous to avoid risks. For this reason, in Italy is very difficult to obtain live show or participation to important events like festival. Jazz clubs are more and more reducing in number and they prefer to make “karaoke” nights or tribute bands in order to have more people consuming inside. It’s difficult to impose original music especially if it is jazz. I’m so happy, proud and grateful to radio stations that decided to accept it in their program in these years. I pray and work every day since I was a little child to impose my music to give my contribution, hoping my music can offer something important to the world: culture, peace and so on.


We can’t wait for “Mick’s Tune” to come to our homes. This is a album worthy for a replay. Start your next week with a great album like this, and like Michel would say “Live your day as it is the last one”.

If you want to hear M.r Zanobolis album you can purchase it HERE, believe us you won’t regret it

Milena Staniskovska

August 10th, 2016

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