Fourplay awarded  the listeners with The Silver for its 25th anniversary

Fourplay awarded the listeners with The Silver for its 25th anniversary

The famous jazz band “Fourplay” crowned their 25th anniversary of existence with a new album, called “On Silver“. The album was released on September 9th, this year. According to some professional musicians, this is their most pleasant album ever.

Following the theme of the title, the album is composed of 10 original compositions that include silver as a start of their anniversary, with names of the songs “Sterling“, “Precious Metal” and “A Silver Lining“. Each song is a perfect example of what makes this band a serious ensemble. The fact that every member of the group has a successful career outside this frame, allows the band to be one of the most renowned in the world of jazz. With this comprehensive and pleasant album the band celebrated the anniversary of its existence.

For two decades, this modern and famous jazz quartet enjoys in constant artistic and commercial success through combination of elements of R&B, pop and various other sounds to their unwavering jazz foundation. Fourplay constantly surprises the listener with new, more different experiences and gives them enjoyment that lasts for decades.

This great band continues exploring the unlimited jazz dimensions and permutations, while at the same time remains loyal to the own sound. If you want their new album to be part of your music collection, buy it Fourplay – On Silver.


October 17th, 2015

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