Thumper gives a great advice, Love…4 2morrow is not promised

Thumper gives a great advice, Love…4 2morrow is not promised

We all remember the one and only Craig Samuels a.k.a Thumper, one man band from Omaha, that gave us joy with the great cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish”. Now finally we can celebrate together for his new album titled “Love…4 2morrow is not promised”, that was released on February 11, and has 12 amazing songs. For this occasion we asked Mr.Samuels to share his expectations with us.12705795_1569819460008942_8325949092602531084_n

Every musician needs inspiration for Thumper, that inspiration is love.

The main concept behind this CD is Love… The Title “Love…4 2morrow is not promised” is the message, the lesson, the advice, and much more in just those words alone. I could say that to anyone and they would know exactly what I am saying without having to say anything else. To many times I have heard my friends and fans, both famous and not famous say that they fought or argued with someone and before apologies were spoken that other person passed away and the living person lives with the guilt of bad times being the last shared.

Thumper is a hard working man, and he gave the best of him so this album could be released as planned, and to bring something new.

I took a totally different direction on this CD then my past CD’s. The track selection for this one was based on fun, relaxing, and motivational songs. All of the titles on this CD are derived from the concept and the influence of the word “Love”, and how important that word is in life because no one knows when their time is up. This CD also has a lot of background sound effects in some of the songs to help add a visual aspect to the audio. To my knowledge, I am the only artist that is doing this.

Craig is a very modest man, and he appreciates the comments from his friends and the public.

I am not one to judge my own work, but I think the highlight is the concept of the entire CD and how all of the songs fit together to shine light on the concept. Each person that hears the CD will find their own highlight. Fans and friends all have different favorites and things they like about the CD.


Thumper surprises us with a JADA tour.

Proceeds from the CD are going toward our JADA tour. (Jazz Against Domestic Abuse) We see that the CD is off to a great start and we are hoping that it continues to do well and we are planning the tour as we speak. We are also trying to raise money to send to countries overseas who need our help. We are also incorporating some of the endorsements that we are starting to accept.

Don’t forget to enjoy in the many events that Thumper has to offer this year.

Some of the other engagements that we are working on for 2016 are our yearly events that we try to do. Our benefit to “Mothers Day”, our “Summer concert in the park series” our “Concert for hunger” for Thanksgiving to help feed our homeless, and our “Toys 4 Tunez” for Christmas to help our terminally ill children in Omaha hospitals. We are also planning a lot of events in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago and others to spread the JADA message.

We will continue to follow Thumper, and be live witnesses of his wonderful work.

Milena Staniskovska

March 4th, 2016

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