Sam Hankins was the star at The Indie Music Channel Awards

Sam Hankins was the star at The Indie Music Channel Awards

Sam Hankins, the dazzling trumpeter from Chicago won FIVE awards at the The Indie Music Channel Awards, for Best Instrumental Artist, Best Jazz Song, Best Live Jazz Performance, Best R & B Recording & Best Male World Music Artist. We were very excited to hear about Mr.Hankins success, and we asked him to share this life event with us.

The Indie Music Channel Awards is a very important event for a musician, so please tell us how do you feel now, and what this event inspired in you?


Sam Hankins with his wife Carol-Ann Hankins and David McLorren

Listening and speaking to so many talented artists, I would like to do a few more collaborations with some artists. It has also inspired me to continue on my musical journey, even though it is a financial struggle and hoping that it will one day be more financially lucrative, so that I can share my music with more people & be an inspiration for my students.

Who was your biggest support, and who you want to thank the most?

My wife is my biggest supporter. Having my best friend as my wife, who supported me through the good times as well as the bad. The unwavering support & advice from my family, friends and fans have helped me to continue composing and sharing my music for all to enjoy.


Sam Hankins and his awards at The Indie Music Channel Awards

We are all eager to hear something new from you,what can your fans expect from you in the near future?

I hope to do some touring, as I would love for my fans to hear me play live, because you can instantly connect with the artist and his music. But of course, this will depend on sponsorship. I would love to tour with my whole band, but once again that may not be possible right now.

We don’t know is it a coincidence or destiny that Mr. Hankins won five awards on the fifth annual of the Indie Music Channel Awards, but we know for sure that each and every one of them are truly deserved. We congratulate Mr. Hankins, and we wish him nothing but success and happines.

Milena Staniskovska

April 28th, 2016

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