Michel Zanoboli The Multi Instrumentalist With a Big Heart

Michel Zanoboli The Multi Instrumentalist With a Big Heart

Michel Zanoboli is an pianist multi-instrumentalist that will take your breath away. He was a child prodigy when he played the piano when he was 6 and performed live at the age of 8 with his mother, a classical singer. Michel Zanoboli started his adult jazz career at “Saint Louis College of Music” at which he obtained a Diploma in Piano Jazz Harmony and Arranging for Big Band. We wanted to know more about this extraordinary musician, so we made a short interview with Mr. Zanoboli.10177920_10152359187999303_5655103008683786756_n

What was your main inspiration to start performing jazz?

I always feel jazz as natural style. In fact also during my classical studies I used to improvise on Bach Beethoven and so on. I wrote my first composition when I was 8 years. I began to play piano when I was 6 years, drums 8 years, guitar 10 years, bass 11 years and saxophone an trumpet when I was 14 and played these ones till i was 20 years old.

What instruments do you play and which is your favourite?

My favourite instrument is rappresented by all instruments I play because I perform all these in my compositions.

Tell me more about your career, and your future plans?430540_3085222820916_1277968129_n

My plan for the future is to make people know me and my Music making CD and jazz concerts. I would like having beautiful collaborations with othet artists.

What do you suggest to the new generation of jazz artists that are yet to come?

I don’t have suggestions for other artists, only to be constant with their passion and follow their dreams with real actions Being always humble and generous and grateful to all and have time to take their attention.

Tell me about your life moto?

My motto is “live your life moment by moment as this day should be the last one”

If you like to hear a great toon don’t miss the original Michel Zanoboli “Mick’s Tune“. This is a great contemporary jazz song from the beginning to the end, that you can listen in one breath. In some parts there are etno elements that make this track even better. With one word this track is AMAZING.

Milena Staniskovska

April 24th, 2016

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