Igor Gerzina and Magdalena Chovancova amaze us on their new single “Eastern Magic”

Igor Gerzina and Magdalena Chovancova amaze us on their new single “Eastern Magic”

Igor Gerzina after the amazing rating from his last two albums “Metropolis” and „One Click World” which garnered airplay in more than 15 countries on four continents and great reviews. Igor Gerzina, Croatian saxophonist and composer, presented to us his new single featuring Billboard smooth jazz Top 10 saxophonist from Czech Republic, Magdalena Chovancova. “Eastern Magic”  will take to a charming and peaceful place, and you will want to hear it over and over again. We had that pleasure to ask a cоuple of questions about this wonderful cooperation, and the great income from eastern magic

Mr. Gerzina How did you get to the idea of this amazing cooperation?

Smooth jazz is American music, so I thought it would be interresting to have a collaboration two players from Eastern Europe, to make a difference. I hope we have the ‘magic’ in our ‘eastern’ song.

Are you planning to continue your cooperation with the lovely Magdalena ?

I hope yes. We are in a process of organising something, and we will let you know. I am looking forward.

How will you describe this new expirience?

I had a very good experience with Magdalena and her husband Robert. We never met in person before shooting video in Rijeka (Croatia) and we really had a great time two days. They also came to Zagreb for morning TV show on Croatian national Television and live promotion. Good time, good people, good music.

Who was all involved in the making of the song and video ?

I am the author of the song, guys from my Croatian band recorded drums, bass and keys, and Magdalena’s husband Robert Fertl (Threestyle) played guitars. My wife Andrea organised everything and she works on PR. Mladen Đaković made the video.foto4

And We also wanted to hear , Magdalena Chovancovas side of the story, and she was so kind to give us all of the answers we needed, about the making of this masterpiece.

How did you made the first contact with Mr. Gerzina?

We know each other since long time .we both have been fans of each other’s music . But we met in person for first time in Croatia for the video shooting

Who was the initiator for this cooperation ?

Igor – he always has got great ideas

Tell me more about your experience on this project?foto

It was great fun and we all enjoyed the recording part ,mixing and video shoot and live playing on the tv show for premiere and performance in beautiful Zagreb.

What is next in your career?

We re about to release new album by the end of this year ,we are touring and recording, enjoying the musicians’ life.

We all hope that we will hear more from this two extraordinary musicians.  And now enjoy in “Eastern Magic“.


Milena Staniskovska

May 1st, 2016

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