Craig Thumper Samuels

Craig Thumper Samuels
Craig Thumper Samuels
04 September 1966
Jazz, Blues, Rock, R&B, Pop, Gospel, Heavy Metal, Classical, and more.
Years active
Since 1977

Thumper’s music career started at a very young age, playing strings, pianos… He started playing the clarinet in elementary school. At present he plays all the instruments, sings, writes, records, and produces his songs and songs for other artists in a number of different styles.

This one man band from Omaha, Nebraska has been present on the music seen for several years now, and has fans and followers all over the world. Besides being an extraordinary musician he is also a singer, a songwriter, an actor, a model, a composer, a producer and many more.

He is the founder and owner of his own entertainment company –United 4 Love Entertainment. This ingenious musician blends Rock, Gospel, Funk, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and many other genres together and adds a bit of his own flavour in producing his sound-the O-ZONE sound.

Amongst the artists who have influenced Thumper are Prince, Janet Jackson, Richard Marx, and Michael Jackson. He himself has played with many great artists like Prince, The Time, Keith Sweat, The System, The Bar-Kays, Steve Oliver, Steve Cole, Peter White, Joseph Vincelli, Euge Groove and Richard Elliott.

His many hits include “4 U Mom” and “Smile” which peaked at #9 on Reverbnations National Jazz Charts where he has broken the top 100 five times, twice on the Global Jazz Charts at #49 and #15 and hit number one 9 times on the Local Jazz Charts in his hometown of Omaha Nebraska. These and other tracks such as “Dreamer“, “In the Zone“, and “When I Think of You” can be heard on his website at, Amazing Smooth and Jazz and many other airwave and internet radio stations.

Beside the fact that “ONE” was highly estimated among friends, fans and family, it was also considered as his best work by entertainment and industry figures, before its release. Thumper’s smooth jazz version of the hit song “My My My” from “ONE” has been released on a world wide compilation CD by the record label W.O.A International, under the name “Independent number ones Vol. 2” and “Vol. 3”. The song has also been used by several international airlines as an entertainment and radio service during their flights, and it will be featured on / Global radio, too. His smooth jazz versions of “When I Think of You” and “Turn Down the Lights” are even more powerful. Thumper’s recently released track “The Schmoove Groove” is performed on many different TV channels, and also on the Internet and the airwave radio shows. Thumper has also been included in many interviews and articles in the magazines and newspapers, and was on the page 91 in the May edition of In Concert Magazine This artist is considered as one of the best in Omaha and his name, music and logo are known all over the world.

He has set up a Non-profit organisation called “The Skin & Bones Foundation” to aid against Domestic violence, Racism, and Gang Violence.

He has performed all over the US as well as in Mexico, Jamaica, and Canada as a solo artist with his Invisible band Generation One.