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The Rippingtons Are Back With “True Stories”

The Rippingtons Are Back With “True Stories”

The Rippingtons is contemporary jazz group that has a long history, starting from 1985, when it was founded by the guitarist and composer Russ Freeman. On June 24th they released their 22nd album “True Stories”.81XNj2dhKCL._SX425_

True Stories” has 10 tracks and was released by Entertainment One Music. A nice surprise for this album is the saxophonist Brandon Fields, the man that played with The Rippingtons on their breakthrough hit album, “Moonlighting“. Also we have Jeffrey Osborne on “My Promise To You”, a song where the vocals are at the center of attention, and show not just a great talent, but also a great story. This is the only song with vocals, the other nine are instrumental, but that doesn’t decrease their value. “Dream Catcher”, has a lot of energy in it, and Freeman is not sparing his talent here, he brings this song on a new level with his soloing. You can hear everything in this album, from spanish tinged guitar playing to the 80’s funk sound.

The Rippingtons are here and they are renew their old shine again. “True Stories” is truly the album that will get to the fans, old ones and new, and will introduce The Rippingtons to the new era.

Milena Staniskovska

July 1st, 2016

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