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Martin Lindholm brings the dawn with the album Gryning

Martin Lindholm brings the dawn with the album Gryning

Martin Lindholm is a multifaceted musician from Sweden, who left us all thrilled by his debut album titled “Gryning”. “Gryning” was released on the firs of March 2016, and this 9 tracks are getting more popular day by day thanks to the unique skills that Lindholm has.

Lindholm plays a jazz fusion that makes the listener slowly but certainly to fall in love in his music, that shines with a rich sound, and an amazing interpretation of a multiplayer musician, in one sentence, this is a wonderful album that you can listen in one breath. Every song has a story, and Martin shows that to us on an amazing way, thru his notes, guided by harmony, that is what makes this album just magnificent.
Martin says that he made this album, suitable for everyone, no matter if they are passionate jazz lovers, or they just appreciate good music.

This album is both for the experienced and enthusiastic jazz listeners as well as for new listeners that haven’t listened to jazz at all. I am inspired by all kinds of music impartially. A wide range of streaming services gives immense opportunities to experience music and influences us to cross over from one musical artist/genre to another. By allowing that the music idea develops and entices us to sit down and compose

Lindholm at the age of ten started playing the drums, followed by, the guitar, piano and base. He is a yang but very promising musician, and we can’t all wait for his next masterpiece.

Milena Staniskovska

March 5th, 2016

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