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Marc Antoine brings the heat back again with “Laguna Beach”

Marc Antoine brings the heat back again with “Laguna Beach”

Marc Antoine had a rough time this past four years, but now he is up and ready to go with his new album “Laguna Beach”. His thirteenth album, Antoine produced “Laguna Beach,” wrote eight of the nine songs and called upon some of his accomplished friends to collaborate with him, something he couldn’t do easily when he lived abroad for twelve years. “Laguna Beach” was released on September 23, by Woodward Avenue Records.image004

Why Not” is the first track of this album, and is very catchy and easy to listen, thanks to Philippe Saisse keyboards. The title cut, which preceded the celebratory set of Antoine’s signature classical acoustic and nylon-string guitar melodies, quixotic gypsy jazz forays, brassy funk grooves and sultry Latin, Brazilian and Cuban rhythms, is already No. 5 on the Billboard songs chart, offering a last gasp of summer. Paul Brown the two-time Grammy winner joins Marc on “This and That“, a very chill track for you to enjoy. “Minority” is a really smooth track thanks to Rick Braun’s trumpet skills.

Marc Antoine hit his rock bottom, but is time for his luck to change.“Laguna Beach” is a fresh start of a well formed career, it’s worth listening to.

Milena Staniskovska

October 2nd, 2016

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