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Jay Soto “Veritas”

Jay Soto “Veritas”

Jay Soto is an American smooth jazz guitarist. He’s also a composer, songwriter, producer, pianist, music instructor and church music director. After his great albums, Long Time Coming (2005), Stay Awhile (2007), Mesmerized (2009), Morning Glory (2013),The Best of… (2013), Jay Soto gives us the album Veritas.

Veritas is an wonderfull musical story which is combined of couple of music types like Rock, Pop, Classical, Latin, World Music and Jazz. This album has ten amazing songs, and every one of them has it’s own magic. The label for this album is Sotopop Music, and was released this month.

Like the name says, this album is all about the truth and honesty. “Veritas” wakes up the believer in every each and one of you, because the writing is unique, and unforgettable. If you think that you know what to expect you are lying to your self, the album is so unpredictable that you can listen it cuple of times and you will always be excited for what comes next. The songs in “Veritas” are:

  1. Voice of the Archangel
  2. King of Glory
  3. Song for the Blessed Mother
  4. Veritas
  5. Ancient of Days
  6. Story of Creation
  7. Communion of Saints
  8. Christus Resurrexit
  9. Sacramentum Caritatis
  10. The Beatific Vision

Jay Soto is a man with principles and faith, so have faith in “Veritas” because the truth will never disappoint you.

Milena Staniskovska

December 11th, 2015

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