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Igor Gerzina will make a big blast with “Bucket list”

Igor Gerzina will make a big blast with “Bucket list”

Igor Gerzina does it again, now with his new album “Bucket list“. There no doubt that this album will be worthy to remember. The official release is on December 5th by Status Production, and a part of this amazing 12 pack tracks is the billboard single “Eastern Magic“, with Magdalena Chovancova.

The title track is also the opening track of this album. The smooth sound will really get to you and make you fall in love in the beautiful melodies. “I Feel Lucky” is a track that brings the fun in this album, the nice groove it offers will bring a smile to your face. The fifth track is the well known “Eastern Magic“, with Magdalena Chovancova. This track already has the public votes, and it’s the gem of “Bucket list“. The trumpeter Josip Grah joins Gerzina on “Living out of a Suitcase“, and on “Nail Your Part in a Single Take” we have a pleasure to hear the amazing guitar sounds of Elvis Stanic. “The Moment She Walked In” has sentimental values for Gerzina, dedicated to his dog, and because of that you can feel the love and effort given, to make this track. Frank Folgmann gives a great touch with his guitar on “Suburban Soul“.

Track list:61vchqpsedl-_ss500
01. Bucket List
02. I Feel Lucky
03. A Gentleman Never Tells
04. Stay Cool & Play Sax
05. Eastern Magic (feat. Magdalena Chovancova)
06. Back on My Feet
07. Living out of a Suitcase (feat. Josip Grah)
08. Nail Your Part in a Single Take (feat. Elvis Stanic)
09. The Moment She Walked In
10. Capital City
11. Smart Cookie
12. Suburban Soul (feat. Frank Folgmann)

Igor Gerzina has proven himself, not only in Europe, but the world. The good sound is heard everywhere, and that is exactly what Gerzina is offering, good and quality music.

Milena Staniskovska

December 4th, 2016

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