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Gregory Porter goes a step ahead with “Take me to the Alley”

Gregory Porter goes a step ahead with “Take me to the Alley”

We can say for sure that Gregory Porter is a jazz singer who is pushing the boundaries of jazz singing. After his 2013’s album “Liquid Spirit“, Porter released his newest album “Take Me to the Alley“. This album will woo and win over your ears.

Take me to the Alley” has 14 songs, and is released on May 6 2016, by Blue Note. The album is represented by creative lyrics with great music yields a highly entertaining collection of art. The first track of this album is “Holding On“, which finds Porter sorting out his feelings in an understated setting that’s enriched by Keyon Harrold’s muted trumpet. Also if you like to hear a nice mixture”Don’t Lose Your Steam,” is a right thing for you, it’s a Stevie Wonder-worthy original with R&B, soul, funk, and rock.”Consequence of Love” is one of the finest moments here, a tender midd tempo ballad offered with the no-nonsense conviction that reveals love may be beyond the measurement of the rational, but commitment to it remains necessary for the revelation of its truth. In “More Than A Woman” he takes his mother for an inspiration, and this song is pure love.
Gregory Porter shines on the jazz scene at full power, he already has a great audience, and we are sure that he will have much more.

Milena Staniskovska

May 23rd, 2016

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