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David McLorren will get you “Back2Life”

David McLorren will get you “Back2Life”

Jazz Artist award winning producer,& multi instrumentalist David McLorren released a new track “Back2Life”. 51GaxAJaRDL._SS280This track is a herald for his new upcoming album “Life Happens“. We all know that when it comes to music David knows it all. He mixes perfectly Jazz, Hip Hop & R&B, and I belive that this mixture will be found in his new album too. I can say that “Back2Life” has a “lot of life in it”. This song celebrates life as it is, and shows that after every fall there is a big comeback, that we should all follow. “Back2Life” is a fun track, but also very meaningful. You will want to listen, dance and elaborate at the same time. It’s totally worth of listening.
“Back2Life” is just the beginning, it shows that the album “Life Happens” will have a very bright future. The last album of David “Reesonz“ in 2014, wich was also a big blast and won the Indie Music Channel for best Jazz Producer 2015. You can check that interview with David here.

Milena Staniskovska

June 2nd, 2016

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