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Cyrille Aimée will take us away with Let’s Get Lost

Cyrille Aimée will take us away with Let’s Get Lost

Cyrille Aimée is a French jazz vocalist based in Brooklyn. Her style of singing is very “colorful” because is a mix of jazz and gypsy music, in wich she fel in love when she was just a little girl. Now she has a ne album, the second Mack Avenue Records recording, the groove-spirited Let’s Get Lost.
For this album Aimee is not alone, she is backed by two guitars, bass and drums, accentuating a Gypsy element in the music chosen. Adrien Moignard and Michael Valeanu are the guitarists, Sam Anning bassist, Rajiv Jayaweera drummer and Matt Simons another vocalist.Cyrille-Aimee-feat.-Adrien-Moignard-Lets-Get-Lost-2016
Three Little Words” and “Let’s Get Lost” are the deserving highlight of this album, thanks to the wonderful interpretation of Aimee and of course the interaction of guitarists Adrien Moignard and Michael Valeanu. The proof that she is multy talented is the duet with Matt Simons on “Each Day”, where she shows not only her singing but her composing abilities, the same is for “Nine More Minutes“. Let’s Get Lost is a fun album that will give you a big smile on your face.
Let’s Get Lost has 14 amazing track,Live Alone and Like It; There’s a Lull in My Life; Estrellitas Y Duendes; Lazy Afternoon; Three Little Words; Samois a Moi; Nine More Minutes; Laverne Walk; That Old Feeling; Each Day; Words and the bonus track Well you Needn’t.

Milena Staniskovska

March 9th, 2016

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