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Craig Taborn shows how magic works with  “Daylight Ghosts”

Craig Taborn shows how magic works with “Daylight Ghosts”

Craig Taborn the American pianist releases his third ECM album, 2017’s “Daylight Ghosts“. This album is a quartet with fine professionals like Chris Speed on tenor saxophone, Chris Lightcap has the bass, and Dave King on drums. “Daylight Ghosts” is a nice surprise for all jazz lovers, because besides classical jazz you can feel the modern influence of electronics, catchy, short vamps and a pinch of funk to spice it up.81SvKJOUypL._SX425_
The opening track is “The Shining One”, is all about the dramatic approach, it begins very gently, but then opens it self in to a “grand finale”, “Abandoned Reminder” has the same approach too. The only track not composed by Taborn is Roscoe Mitchell’s “Jamaica Farewell“, where Speed and his clarinet are in the spotlight, and give one of the best covers made of this song. The title track is a nice reminder of the ‘60s and the ‘70s. You will enjoy Chris Lightcap’s solo on “Ancient,”and “New Glory” has a Latin sound that will catch your thoughts.


This quartet did an amazing job on “Daylight Ghosts“. It’s pleasing to see how this four talented professionals can combine their wiz and make something magic and mysterious.

Milena Staniskovska

February 22nd, 2017

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