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Blake Aaron “Soul Stories”

Blake Aaron “Soul Stories”

Blake Aaron is a one man with many abilities, he’s a guitarist, composer, recording artist and radio show host. In May this year he released his 4th full length CD, “Soul Stories“, and his first completely selfproduced solo project.The album was released by Innervision Records.

Soul Stories” has ten tracks, and all of them offer an authentic jazz sound. The song that pops out is “Encantadora”, a salsa-influenced track featuring the amazing Najee on flute, and it was found on the Billboard Top 10. If you want to feel the passion “Sol Amor” is a song for you, the passionate sound of the sax played by Najee, will make your body and soul move. “Europa” and “Sara Smile” are covers, but Aaron has gave them a touch of his own. Blake also joins forces with vocalist Spenser Day on “You’re the One for Me”. And if you want to feel that disco groove “Groove-o-Matic” will take you to the 60’s.
Soul Stories presents us this 10 masterpieces download

  1. Groove-O-Matic
  2. Wes Side Story
  3. Sol Amor
  4. Europa
  5. You’re the One for Me
  6. Story of the Blues
  7. Sara Smile
  8. Story of My Life
  9. You’re My Miracle
  10. Encantadora

On “Soul Stories”, Blake Aaron has help from Derek Bordeaux, Tom Zink, Rob Mullins, Lew Lain, Hussain Jiffry, Melvin Davis, Mike Whittaker, Craig Sharmat, Ronnie Gutierrez, Rick Lawson and Winston Butts.

Milena Staniskovska

December 22nd, 2015

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