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Anthony Hamilton opens up with the album What I’m Feelin

Anthony Hamilton opens up with the album What I’m Feelin

After a four year brake without an album Anthony Cornelius Hamilton is back with a heart opening album “What I’m Feelin”. The album has 12 songs, released by Rca,Anthony Hamilton/16 Tons, and Hamiltons longtime producer Mark Batson.anthony-hamilton-what-im-feelin-e1456377499306

What I’m Feelin” is not a jazz album. It has a lot of soul and R & B in it, and smooth jazz can be felt thru some of the songs. But still is an album that shows a lot of pain and emotions, and the most important thing is that it brings us closer to the artist. “I Want You,” and “Save Me” are upbeat and funky, they will really gonna make you move.The two songs not produced by Batson are handled by the duo of Salaam and James Poyser, both of whom previously worked with Hamilton as well. The song that we can really connect to jazz is the smooth “Never Letting Go“, this song is soft, gentle and it will make you connect with Anthony.”Love Is An Angry Thing” and the autobiographical “Walk In My Shoes,” unblinkingly reveals that fame and fortune still weren’t enough to maintain some of the simple pleasures, or matrimony, he once enjoyed. The album lead single, “Amen,” sounds comparatively current, without feeling as though Hamilton is squashing himself into the box of contemporary R&B. “I Want You,” one of the standout tracks of the album, is unadulterated, stripped-down lust spread across an inorganic, but well-tended, soundscape.

Anthony Hamilton found a way to overcome the difficult period of his life, and he decided to share his emotions thru this album. “What I’m Feelin” is an album for everyone to hear, don’t miss it.

Milena Staniskovska

April 19th, 2016

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